You Have Been Heard By God

"But the angel said to him, ‘Zechariah, don’t be afraid. Your prayer has been heard by God."
Luke 1:13

There at his feet, laying down everything for him. Giving it all to him, whether you do or not, he listens. Christ himself did come down on earth as a human to die for our sins. So if you feel depressed, broken, angry, tempted, ashamed, embarrassed, etc. Just talk to God. He is there for you. Yes, you don’t see him. But that’s why he left us his amazing Holy Spirit. So that his spirit may be with us all the time. He’s there, his love is trying to comfort you. All you have to do is open your heart for him. Let him into your heart. & don’t hold nothing back. Surrender yourself to him. Make up your mind. If you want to continue to live your sinful life or if you want to follow your Holy Father’s footsteps. Once you accept him as you’re Lord and Savior, it all ends. All the pain you feel. His love makes it worth it all. He loves you!! He’s there! He hears you! He hears your cries! Just be patient. God will help you at his time.

“God can do everything!”
Luke 1:37

“I will not forget you. See, I have written your name on my hand.”
Isaiah 49:15-16 

“This is what The Lord says: “At the right time I will hear your prayers. “
Isaiah 49:8

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